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Please Note: Contact us for salon pricing if you are salon owner and/or licensed professional.


Orly Bonder

Rubberized Basecoat

Bonder, a unique rubberized basecoat, grips lacquer to the nail surface for lasting adhesion. Prevents nail lacquer from wearing off for up to two weeks.


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OR-24110   0.6 oz   Price: $11.00


Orly One Night Stand Peel-Off Basecoat

For Easy Glitter Removal

Peel off basecoat for easy glitter removal. This basecoat adheres to the nail for 1-2 days and easily peels off for a non-damaging removal.

OR-24700   0.6 oz   Price: $5.50


Orly Ridgefiller

The original Ridgefiller by Orly is the preferred primer basecoat of the professional manicurist. Contains talc to fill ridges, smooth rough surfaces. Helps polish last days longer.

OR-961042   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00


Orly Top 2 Bottom

The convenience of a topcoat and basecoat in one bottle. Protects polish with a fast-drying, high-shine finish.

OR-961092   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00



Orly In A Snap Nail Finish

Super-fast drying nail finish dries nail polish in minutes. High-gloss finish protects polish from chipping, fading and yellowing.

OR-960992   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00

OR-44324   4.0 oz Refill   Price: $12.95


Orly Matte Top

Satin Finish Topcoat

Matte Top turns glossy nail lacquer into a matte finish for a unique satin effect. This special topcoat is great for creating nail art and spot-varnished nail looks.


Free Shipping via USPS First-Class/Priority Mail only

OR-964502   0.6 oz   Price: $11.00


Orly Sunscreen For Nails

Protection for every color under the sun. The advanced UV absorbent, high-shine topcoat protects polish from damaging UV rays which can fade or yellow lacquer in sunlight.

OR-961082   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00


Orly Nails For Males

Unique matte, natural-look nail finish for men. Protects nails and provides a distinguished, lasting natural finish.

OR-961022   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00


Orly Primetime

Chip preventing primer preps the nails for a smoother longer lasting manicure and pedicure.

OR-964822   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00


Orly Won't Chip

Orly's super topcoat forms a tough polymer shield that gives manicures protection and shine. Helps prevent chipping and peeling for up to two weeks.

OR-961102   0.6 oz   Price: $5.00

OR-44234   4.0 oz Refill   Price: $12.95

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