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Gena Pedi Salts Therapeutic Bath

Utilizing Dead Sea and Epsom salts, muscle-relieving essential oils of clove, birch, juniper, and rosemary comfort even the most abused feet.

16.2 oz

GE-02133    Price: $11.79


Gena Pedi Jet Non-Foaming Foot Soak

Specially designed for use in hydrotheraphy and "jetted" foot baths, this non foaming, residues-free foot soak will sanitize, cleanse and soften the skin allowing for fast, yet gentle exfoliation of calluses and cuticles. Infused with a light aromatheraphy blend of lavender, patchouli and ylang ylang oils, Pedi Jet helps soothe and relax tired, aching feet.

GE-02156   Lavender 14.1 oz   Price: $11.99


Gena Pedi Soak

Foot Bath Cleans & Refreshes

Foaming, anti-fungal foot bath cleans, refreshes and softens the skin. Concentrated foot bath with Tea Tree Oil designed to cleanse, soften and condition feet prior to any foot care service.

GE-02106   8.5 oz    Price: $3.29

GE-02111   1 gal    Price: $19.95


Gena Pedi Septic

Foot Spray Cools & Refreshes

Antiseptic anti-fungal foot spray with Eucalyptus, Menthol & Tea Tree Oil. A highly effective foot spray to help prevent bacterial contamination. Helps prevent foot odor, as it cools and refreshes hot, tired feet.

GE-02110   8 oz   Price: $6.69


Gena Pedi Dri

Liquid Powder Talc - Deodorizes, Cools & Refreshes

Formulated with Pure Tapioca to cool and refresh your foot. Goes on like a liquid and dries to a silky powder. Lasting deodorant protection to help control foot odor. Helps keep feet dry without the mess of a powder. Formerly known as Pedi Silk.

GE-02148   4 oz   Price: $3.95 $3.50


Gena Pedi Care

Sloughing Lotion Safely Removes Rough, Dry Skin

A refreshing lotion with Peppermint Oil that gently smooth away rough, dry surface skin. This non-abrasive lotion leaves skin soft, silky, cool, and refreshed.

GE-02124   8.5 oz   Price: $3.29

GE-02128   1 gal   Price: $19.95


Gena Pedi Scrub

Cleansing Gel Exfoliates & Polishes

Deep cleansing gel with Sea Kelp & Aloe. Gentle scrubbing granules soften and reduce rough calluses and stimulate circulation while safely removing rough, dry skin. Sea Kelp and Aloe Vera moisturize and hydrate skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This easy-to-rinse gel is great as a face and body scrub too!

GE-02102   8.5 oz   Price: $6.69

GE-02109   16 oz   Price: $11.99

GE-02108   32 oz   Price: $15.59

GE-02119   1 gal   Price: $25.95


Gena Pedi Soft

Foot & Leg Lotion For Soft, Silky Skin

Botanically enriched lotion with natural botanicals and fruit acids that moisturizes and softens feet and legs. Re-hydrates and leaves the feet satin smooth. Also great for moisturizing hands and body.

GE-02103   8.5 oz   Price: $3.29

GE-02104   16 oz   Price: $6.95 $5.50

GE-02105   1 gal   Price: $19.95


Gena Pedi Ice

Deep Cooling Gel Relieves Tired, Aching Feet

Icy cold refreshment for hot, tired feet and legs. Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil helps relieve aching muscles. Soothing Aloe cools and conditions skin.

GE-02136   8.5 oz   Price: $6.69

GE-02138   16 oz   Price: $11.99

GE-02139   1 gal   Price: $25.95


Gena Pedi Mask

Moisturizing Mask Cools, Softens & Rejuvenates

Goes on creamy and rinses off quickly. The perfect pampering treatment, moisturizes and softens skin while energizing muscles. Leaves feet feeling soft, cool, and revitalized.

GE-02145   6 oz   Price: $5.49


Gena Pedi Warm

Exfoliating Scrub with Warming Sensation

An exfoliating scrub that moisturizes and softens skin with an invigorating warming sensation.

GE-02151   8.5 oz   Price: $8.95 $7.25

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