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Depileve Pre Base

Formulated to clean the skin of make-up, deodorant, creams and body oils prior to waxing. Contains Hamamelis Extract, Menthol and Camphor.

DP-00427   7.04 oz   Price: $7.99 $6.80


Depileve Milk Cleanser

Post-depilatory cream removes any wax residue and gently softens and moisturizes the skin after waxing. Enriched with Calendula, Oat Extract, and contains a Sun Protection Factor (S.P.F. 8).

DP-00472   7.04 oz   Price: $7.99 $6.80


Depileve Oil Cleanser

Water soluble azulene oil to be used after hair removal to remove any wax residue and soften the skin. Enriched with Wheat Germ.

DP-00431   7.04 oz   Price: $8.99 $7.70


Depileve Soothing Cream

Apply after hair removal when any allergic or inflammatory reaction occurs. Evens skin tone and reduces redness in most sensitive areas. Apply a thick layer and leave for skin to absorb. Enriched with Camomile and Aloe Vera.

DP-00433   7.04 oz   Price: $7.99 $6.80


Depileve Blue I.C.E.

Apply after waxing to provide a calming and cooling effect.

DP-00407   7.04 oz   Price: $7.99 $6.80


Depileve Easy Clean Wax Warmer Cleaner

Formerly known as Citri Clean

No-stain, no-rinse formula for fast and easy removal of wax from warmer, floors tabletops or clothes. Do not use on skin.

DP-00474   7.44 oz   Price: $7.99 $6.95

DP-00420   35.2 oz   Price: $23.99 $20.95


Depileve Collagen Elastin Plus

Non-greasy luscious emulsion, enriched with collagen and elastin, for deep moisturizing. Keeps skin soft and supple. Apply before paraffin dip and recommend it to your clients for home use.

DP-01401   7.04 oz   Price: $6.50 $3.95

DP-01042   16.9 oz   Price: $9.99 $9.15


Depileve Dermal Base

Formulated as an anti-bacterial to sanitize the skin (including hands) prior to waxing. Helps prevent the spread of non-cosmial infections.

DP-00408   7.04 oz   Price: $6.99 $5.95


Depileve Dermo Spray

Antiseptic cleanser used to clean hands before the paraffin dip. Use it regularly to keep your paraffin clean for a longer time.

DP-01400   7.04 oz   Price: $6.99 $5.95


Depileve Depil Mousse

Light texture, silky, refreshing mousse ideal for tired legs and superb hair inhibitor treatment rich in Papaya extract. Apply with a light massage after waxing. Use daily after shower or bath for 7 days following the waxing treatment. For tired legs, apply when needed.

DP-D508   7.04 oz   Price: $15.99 $13.75


Depileve Folisan

Helps prevent ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and razor burns. Soak a cotton pad with the lotion and gently apply on any waxed or shaven area. Use daily until the hair grows again. Never apply on people allergic or sensitive to Acetylsalycilic Acid.

DP-00436   5.28 oz   Price: $8.99 $7.75

DP-00437   8.80 oz   Price: $12.50 $10.65


Depileve Intimate Folisan

Roll-on applicator bottle in a gel formula allows application in hard to reach areas and on precise locations. Great retail product for home use. Recommended to be used one week after hair removal to avoid pimple and ingrown hairs.

Each is 0.35 fl oz.

DP-00438   6/pack   Price: $20.99 $19.95


Depileve Gold Concentrate Ampoules

Papaya extract serum. The serum helps freshly waxed skin become smooth and silky to the touch. After hair removal, apply immediately with light circulating movements in small areas taking advantage of the pore dilation caused by waxing or a hot bath. If there is wax residue after hair removal apply the serum first, and then the milk or oil cleanser. Helps continue the anti-keratinization process.

10 ml tube

DP-00422   3 tubes/box   Price: $7.99 $6.95

DP-00423   20 tubes/box   Price: $39.99 $34.95



Depileve Hydrate A.H.A. Hand Cream

The hand cream your clients were waiting for. Non-greasy AHA cream for intensive moisturizing with a very pleasant scent. A must for your clients that enhances the effects of the in-salon paraffin treatment.

DP-01404   2.6 oz   Price: $3.50 $3.00


Depileve Milk & Honey Emulsion

New moisturizing cream with Milk and Honey which activates the skin enzymes in charge of the maintenance of the protective skin barrier and its hydric balance.

DP-01021   2.6 oz   Price: $6.50 $5.65

DP-01020   17.6 oz   Price: $16.99 $14.55


Depileve Milk & Honey Peeling

New natural exfoliating product with Milk, Honey and Apricot spheres that removes the impurities and dead cells by stimulating the regeneration of the skin surface.

DP-01019   7.04 oz   Price: $12.99 $11.25


Depileve Para Clean Paraffin Cleaner

No-stain, no-rinse formula for fast and easy removal of paraffin from warmer, floors, tabletops or clothes. Not for skin use.

DP-10270   8.8 oz   Price: $5.99 $5.10


Depileve Bleached Muslin Strips and Roll

High quality bleached muslin for body waxing.

100 strips for Body 3"x9".

DP-D450   Body 3"x9"   Price: $11.99 $10.25

DP-00613  Roll 3.5"x40yds Price: $13.99 $11.95



Depileve Natural Muslin Strips and Roll

High quality 100% natural muslin for facial and body waxing.

100 strips for Facial 1"x3" and Body 3"x9"

DP-00624   Facial 1"x3"   Price: $3.99 $3.40

DP-00614   Body 3"x9"   Price: $10.99 $9.40

DP-00612  Roll 3.5"x40 yds  Price: $12.99 $11.10


Depileve Non-Woven Body Strips

High quality non-woven strips specifically made to remove wax. Adhere perfectly and do not delaminate. Wax does not seep through material.

100 strips for Facial 1"x3" and Body 3"x9".

DP-00607   Facial 1.2"x5"   Price: $4.99 $4.25

DP-00608   Body 3"x9"   Price: $8.99 $7.70

DP-02030  Roll 3"x50 yds  Price: $14.99 $12.85



Depileve Body Applicators

Disposable wooden applicators for body waxing.  Allow a thin and consistent application at a minimum cost.


DP-00602   100 sticks   Price: $5.50 $4.70


Depileve Eyebrow Applicators

Disposable wooden applicators for eyebrow waxing.  Allow a thin and consistent application at a minimum cost.


DP-00626   100 sticks   Price: $4.99 $4.25


Depileve Facial Applicators

Disposable wooden applicators for facial waxing.  Allow a thin and consistent application at a minimum cost.


DP-00603  100 sticks   Price: $4.99 $4.25


Depileve Facial Gauze Mask

Pre-cut 100% sterile gauze adds body to paraffin mask for easy removal.

50 per pack.

DP-PW510  Price: $24.99 $20.95


Depileve Disposable Headbands

One Size Fits All

Keep your client's hair neat and clean of paraffin.

DP-01601   24/box   Price: $12.99 $11.10


Depileve Disposable Panties

One Size Fits All

Non woven disposable bikinis with elastic band.

DP-00617   12/box   Price: $8.99 $7.70


Depileve Lined Booties

Terry velour lined booties with velcro closure to maximize heat retention during the paraffin treatment.

DP-PW410   1 pair   Price: $16.99 $14.55


Depileve Lined Mittens

Terry velour lined mittens with velcro closure to maximize heat retention during the paraffin treatment.

DP-PW400   1 pair   Price: $16.99 $14.55


Depileve Paraffin Plastic Liners

Use these plastic liners to avoid contact of paraffin with mittens or booties and to properly dispose of paraffin after each treatment.  Apply plastic liner after the paraffin dip and before putting on the mittens or booties.

DP-01600   100/box   Price: $9.99 $8.55


Depileve 14oz Collar Rings

Used to keep warmer clean by avoiding wax drippings from falling onto the warmer.

DP-00600   50/pack   Price: $6.99 $5.95


Depileve Paraffin Facial Brush

Not all brushes are the same! This thin soft bristled brush lasts longer than others for paraffin applications.

DP-10520   Price: $9.99 $8.55


Depileve Deluxe Warmers Connectors

Use these connectors to join two deluxe warmer together. Get additional connectors to join 3 or more warmers. 

DP-D395   1 pair   Price: $4.99 $4.25


Depileve Wax-Can Holder

Metal holder for lifting and changing wax cans from the warmer and cleaning excess wax off the applicator. Hold can with one hand place holder over can. Then push and turn holder over rim to adjust.

DP-00604 1 pair Price: $10.99 $7.95


Depileve Waxing and Paraffin Systems DVD

DVD including all the Depileve waxing and paraffin moisturizing systems. Includes step by step explanations on every method for fast and intuitive learning.

DP-D580   Price: $24.99 $5.95

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