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Credo Solingen Corn Cutter

Made in Germany

For gentle, effective removal of corns and calluses. Includes clip-on rasp for smoothing the skin and treating smaller areas.

  CD-04512    Price: $6.95


Micra Callus/Corn Blade Replacement

Made in Solingen, Germany. These high-quality extra sharp double-sided blades fit all brands of callus shavers and corn cutters. Will not rust.

  ZZ-MICRA10   10 blades/pack   Price: $1.50
  ZZ-MICRA100   100 blades/pack   Price: $13.95


Toolworx Pro Toenail Nipper

Lifetime Guarantee

Stainless steel, heavy duty barrel spring with precision sharp blades. Powerful barrel spring to handle the toughest toenails. Includes safety clasp. Best when used after showering or softening nails by soaking feet in warm water. Cut toenails straight across to avoid painful ingrown nails.


  TX-83350   Price: $17.25


Toolworx Corn Planner

Lifetime Guarantee

Stainless steel, corn planner. For reducing corns, calluses and layers of dead skin. Replacement blades sold separately (see above).

TX-37650   Price: $13.75


Toolworx Ingrown Toenail File

Lifetime Guarantee

Stainless steel, dual tips with textured body for added control. Helps relieve pain from ingrown toenails and prevent future ingrown nails. Straight tip relieves pressure while curved tip easily gets into difficult areas. Fine ends for smaller or more sensitive areas. Best to use after bathing or soak in warm soapy water to soften nails. Gently slide straight tip under the ingrown nail. Soften and relieve pressure by filing back and forth several times under the surface of the ingrown nail. Repeat until pressure is relieved. Use the curved tip to clean under nails and get into corners.

TX-37770   Regular   Price: $6.95

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