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China Glaze Calcium Gel Fortifier

For Weak or Splitting Nails

Fortified base coat helps thin weak nails grow long and strong. For those who experience weak or splitting nails, the thicker gel provides a more substantial coating than a typical nail strengthener. This formula contains Vitamin B3 and panthenol which is Pro Vitamin B5 and is present in all living cells in the form of Panthenoic Acid. The presence of Panthenol promotes moisture retention which prevents drying and splitting of nails. Apply two coats to clean, bare nails. Repeat every four days for four weeks. For best results, do not apply lacquer.

CG-88906   0.5 oz   Price: $4.10


China Glaze Nail Strengthener & Growth Formula

Promotes Healthy Nail Growth

Vitamin and Protein enriched formula promotes healthy nail growth.  The moisturizing effect of the blend, in conjunction with the unique polymer system, promotes the growth of healthy, beautiful nails in just 8 weeks.  Protects against splitting and cracking.  Great for restoring nails after the removal of artificial applications. Apply two coats to clean, bare nails every other day for four weeks. Do not apply lacquer over this coating.

CG-88903   0.5 oz   Price: $4.10


China Glaze Orange Cuticle Oil

Nourishes Cuticles & Strengthens Nails

Penetrates deeply and quickly to soften cuticle and give natural nails increased flexibility and strength. A special blend of five nourishing oils, including jojoba and rice bran, moisturize with antioxidant vitamin A, C & E. Botanical extracts act as a natural soothing and antiseptic agent. Penetrates polish without dulling or damaging your manicure. Apply two coats to cuticles and massage in gently.

CG-70612   0.5 oz   Price: $3.75

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