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Nail Tek



Blue Cross Cuticle Remover

The surest way to remove cuticles, easy and safe. Quickly removes dead tissue and leaves cuticles soft and pliant. Marvelous for pedicures too. Lanolin enriched. Apply around base of nails and gently work around cuticle. Rinse with warm water.

BL-106   6 oz   Price: $1.95

BL-116   16 oz   Price: $2.95

BL-132   32 oz   Price: $4.95


Gena Nail Brite Whitening Scrub

Whitening scrub cleanses, conditions and brightens nails. Perfect for French Manicures. Safe for artificial & natural nails.

GE-02027   4 oz   Price: $3.95


ProLinc Cosmetics Be Natural Cuticle Eliminator

Eliminates nipping and cutting. It does the work for you. Saves you time! Ideal for manicures, pedicures and artificial nails. Also removes "build up" under free edge of fingernails and toenails. Apply onto cuticle to be removed from nail plate. Wait approx. 45 seconds (a bit longer for excessive growth). Then, push back and remove cuticle. Rinse off.


Also available ProLinc Cosmetics Be Natural Callus Eliminator!

PC-00112   1 oz   Price: $2.50

PC-00105   4 oz   Price: $5.95

PC-00118   18 oz   Price: $16.95


Sani-Care De-Cuticle Cuticle Remover

A unique fast-acting cuticle remover formula, works in just 45 seconds. Thick and viscous for no-drip application. Pleasing aroma.


Also available Sani-Care De-Callus callus remover!


NOTE: 1 gallon size ground shipping only

SN-DCUT4   4 oz   Price: $4.95

SN-DCUT16   16 oz   Price: $7.95

SN-DCUT128   1 gallon  Price: $19.95


SuperNail Cuticle Oil

Softens, moisturizes and stimulates the cuticle.

SL-31635   4 oz   Price: $1.70

SL-31640   8 oz   Price: $2.60

SL-31645   16 oz   Price: $3.75


SuperNail Cuticle Softener & Remover

Aids in the removal of unwanted cuticles while conditioning and softening.

SL-31655   8 oz   Price: $2.45

SL-31660   16 oz   Price: $3.60


SuperNail Cuticle Velvet Cream

This emollient-rich cream contains Wheat Germ Oil and Apricot Kernel Oil to nourish and replenish the cuticle's natural moisture.

SL-31605   1.25 oz   Price: $3.15


Varisi Restore Problem Nails

Eliminates bacteria fungus and mold.  Prevents the penetration of fungi into the nail bed. Combats the reoccurrence of fungi in the nail and skin. Works over polish and acrylics. No oil, no odor, and no formaldehyde.


(Free Shipping via USPS First-Class/Priority Mail)

VA-00001   0.5 oz each   Price: $6.75

VA-00002   0.5 oz 6/pk  Price: $31.50


Gena Healthy Hoof Intensive Protein Treatment

The original equestrian formula used by horse trainers. Massage daily into nails and cuticles to nourish and moisturize.

GE-02070   1.0 oz   Price: $2.45


Gena Hoof Lacquer

The "top coat" secret of horse trainers used on prize show and race horses. Hi-Gloss, fast drying, durable finish, and UV protector. Ideal for personal nail care.  Apply onto natural nail or over nail polish.

GE-02081   0.5 oz   Price: $1.95

GE-02082   4.0 oz   Price: $7.95

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